Download Envoy from f-droid

In addition to publishing Envoy – our zen-like Bitcoin wallet and companion app for Passport – on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we’ve put in the work to publish it on our own F-Droid repository to ensure free and censorship-resistant access to Envoy. Follow the instructions below to add our repository to the F-Droid app on Android.

Please contact us at if you have any issues.


Install F-Droid and then can this QR code on your F-Droid device. Alternatively, follow the manual install instructions below.

F-Droid QR code
  1. Install F-Droid on your Android device
  2. Copy this link
  3. Open F-Droid, navigate to Settings > Repositories then tap the + in the top right corner and the required info should be automatically filled for you
  4. Finish the process by pressing ADD

Once these are added, go back to the F-Droid home screen and refresh the repositories by swiping down. You should then be able to search for Envoy and install the application.

Repository Address