The perfect mobile companion for your Passport. Secure setup, firmware updates, zen-like Bitcoin wallet. Always open source.

Perfect mobile companion

Quick and easy setup

Envoy offers a guided setup experience for your Passport.

Download and install the latest Passport firmware updates, right from your phone, with the included microSD adapters.

Complete the security validation to ensure your Passport hasn’t been tampered with in-transit.

Learn how to set your PIN, backup your Passport, and automatically pair with Envoy’s wallet – or pair Passport with the software wallet of your choice!

Beginner-friendly wallet

Envoy strives to make expert-level features accessible to all Bitcoiners. This includes preserving your privacy, ensuring Foundation knows nothing about your Bitcoin holdings.

Envoy’s wallet allows you easily send and receive Bitcoin while your private keys remain secured on Passport.

Ready to become more sovereign? Envoy supports the ability to link your own node.


Open Source

Envoy is open source under GPLv3, and incorporates open source components like BDK and Flutter.

up to date

Envoy notifies you of Passport firmware updates so that your device is always running the latest firmware.

Support Center

Envoy provides in-app support resources, so that you can get your questions answered quickly.

PRivacy with Tor

Envoy mobile app connects to the Internet via Tor by default, offering maximum privacy.


OnboardingFacilitates Passport unboxing and secure setup, including supply chain validation and firmware update.
SecurityCommunicates with Passport via airgapped QR codes. Keys are always stored offline on Passport. Firmware updates are automatically downloaded and verified.
PrivacyConnect to Foundation nodes via Tor, or connect your own node.
OpennessOpen source under GPLv3 license.
WalletSimple Bitcoin watch-only wallet; keys stored on Passport. Ability to “boost” transaction speed with a higher fee. Advanced features, like coin control, coming soon.
ArchitectureCross-platform Flutter app. Uses BDK for wallet functionality.