We publicly announced Foundation in May of 2020 with the goal of making Bitcoin and decentralized technologies accessible to each and every individual in order to build a new era of sovereignty, ownership, and privacy. We aimed to build a different kind of hardware company with an emphasis on open source and local manufacturing.

Since then we’ve shipped our first 1000 devices, raised funding from investors, and built a superstar team. We’ve also had more time to reflect on the state of the world. Censorship, privacy violations, uncontrolled money printing leading to historical inflation. We’ve asked ourselves – what can we do to help guide humanity through these challenging times? As in Asimov’s Foundation trilogy – what can we do to reduce this period of chaos and more quickly usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity?

If we can lower the barrier to becoming a sovereign individual, we believe that more and more people will reclaim their sovereignty and freedom. This is not a guess; this is our conviction.

This starts with Passport, our best-in-class Bitcoin hardware wallet. But over the coming months and years we’ll release a suite of hardware and software that makes it easy to become a sovereign individual.

We’re humbled by the opportunity to build such important technology at a critical moment in human history. Join us as we transition to the era of sovereign individuals!

Our Mission

Foundation builds Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your sovereignty.

Our Values

  • Foundation offers best-in-class security and privacy via openness. No walled gardens; no closed source engineering. We are the antithesis of existing tech companies.
  • Foundation products are beautiful, intuitive, and approachable. Bitcoin and decentralized tech already have a steep learning curve; our products do not.
  • Foundation gives sovereignty to individuals and businesses. We empower you to take ownership and control of your money and your data.
  • Foundation products reflect our optimism about the future. We are building a better Internet based on a better form of money. Our products feel positive, aspirational, and a bit sci-fi.


Zach Herbert

Cofounder & CEO

A mechanical engineer and Harvard MBA dropout, Zach discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and immediately grasped its potential as digital gold, a currency for the Internet, and a way to return sovereignty to individuals. Zach previously worked at Nebulous and Obelisk as COO, notably overseeing the design, production, and distribution of $26M in ASIC miners.

Ken Carpenter

Cofounder & CTO

A versatile software engineer and technical leader, Ken has extensive experience across the entire stack, including firmware, SaaS, mobile apps, web apps, and games. In addition to running his own software company, Ken has worked at notable companies like Schneider Electric, Arista Networks, Electronic Arts, Hudson River Trading, and Obelisk.

Matt Beach

Cofounder & Head of Circuit Engineering

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical and circuit engineering, Matt designs high-performance PCBs and semiconductors as a one-man electronics powerhouse. Matt previously worked at Intel on their next-generation PCIe technology. Matt deeply understands the need for open source hardware to serve as a foundation of a sovereign Internet.

Jacob Johnston

Cofounder & Head of Supply Chain

An experienced operator, Jacob built a domestic supply chain and fulfillment operation at Obelisk that manufactured and shipped 12,000+ ASIC miners to 3,000+ worldwide customers. Jacob has also worked at MIT in their entrepreneurial programs, assisted in the launch of the Arkansas’s I-Fund, and worked in multiple roles at Formlabs.

Andy Chick

Head of Design

As the product of an Art Teacher and an Engineer, Andy is a versatile and experienced design leader with high technical acumen and a passion for innovation. Andy has been fortunate to see several of his products earn international recognition for design excellence. Prior to joining Foundation, Andy was a design lead for HP’s Advanced Design and Strategy Team.

Jean-Pierre De Jesus Diaz

Senior Software Engineer

A passionate software engineer, Jean has experience in creating low-level embedded systems and designing software with security and privacy in mind. Jean believes in self-sovereignty and strives to write software to empower individuals with sovereignty. Jean is a contributor to rust-bitcoin, a maintainer of RIOT OS, and previously worked on the Locha Mesh project.

Igor Cota

Senior Software Engineer

After an unfortunate Economics degree and a stint at a Big Four accounting firm, Igor decided to pursue his passion for programming and has been in the industry for more than a decade. He has an eclectic set of skills with experience in embedded systems, robotics, mobile, and Bitcoin + Lightning.

Bitcoin QNA

Head of Support

QnA, a prominent educator in the space, is passionate about helping people interact with bitcoin in a self-sovereign way. Whilst he doesn’t come from a technical background, he prides himself on learning by “getting his hands dirty” and passing on his newfound knowledge to others. QnA is huge proponent of open source hardware and software and tries to highlight these tools as often as possible to encourage their adoption.

Lili Rhodes

Head of Business Development

Lili is a former Wall Street analyst and investment strategist for UHNW individuals. Her experience in the cryptocurrency space includes her work as a Senior Mining Analyst at Compass Mining and research funded by the Human Rights Foundation on bitcoin usage in third world countries. She bridges her finance background and technical acumen to educate about and advocate for censorship resistant technology, privacy enhancing tools, and self-sovereignty in an approachable fashion.

Nick Miller

Senior Software Engineer

After graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, Nick has worked at nearly every level of the modern software stack. He is particularly focused on infrastructure and backend web services. His previous experience at SoundCloud fostered his appreciation for automation and observability. In another life, he’d hope to be a professional disc golfer.

Jeremy Hall

Customer Support

As an early adopter, Jeremy has crafted customer support programs for numerous companies in the crypto industry since 2017. With over 20 years experience in customer service, he has finally been able to blend his love of helping people with his true passion, Bitcoin. His background includes training from several prominent Fortune 25 companies, which ensures he has the skills necessary to tackle even the toughest situations.


Foundation is backed by investors who believe in sovereignty, privacy, and open source.


  • Alex Feerst
  • Balaji Srinivasan
  • Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital
  • James McAvity of Cormint
  • Louis Liu of Mimesis Capital
  • Stephen Cole
  • Thomas Pacchia of HODL Capital
  • Tomer Federman
  • and more

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