We believe Bitcoin and decentralized technologies will empower the individual, leading to a better world where people control their own data and their own money. This is the dream for our industry. We seek to eliminate the need for trusted third parties – like banks, cloud providers, and even governments – in order to make our systems more efficient and more accessible. And we seek to move power away from central points of failure to the edge; to the people.

As we build our industry from the ground up, we must remember this principle. We must build products and services that enable individual sovereignty.

We worry that as Bitcoin and decentralized tech reach the next phase of adoption, the vast majority of consumers will become dependent on centralized providers. We will have succeeded at creating a different financial system with different intermediaries. But we will have failed at empowering the individual and building a new Internet.

This is why we started Foundation Devices – to make beautifully designed, open source hardware for Bitcoin and the decentralized Internet. To bring great design and UX to hardware wallets, nodes, and more. To empower individuals to securely use and store Bitcoin while maintaining their sovereignty. To help our industry cross the chasm while staying true to its founding ideals.

We call this open hardware. And we are excited to bring it to the world.

Our Mission

Foundation Devices strives to empower humankind – to make Bitcoin and decentralized tech accessible to each and every individual in order to build a new era of sovereignty, ownership, and privacy. Our products are the foundation of a better, sovereign Internet.

Our Values

  • Foundation offers best-in-class security and privacy via openness. No walled gardens; no closed source engineering. We are the antithesis of existing tech companies.
  • Foundation products are beautiful, intuitive, and approachable. Bitcoin and decentralized tech already have a steep learning curve; our products do not.
  • Foundation gives sovereignty to individuals and businesses. We empower you to take ownership and control of your money and your data.
  • Foundation products reflect our optimism about the future. We are building a better Internet based on a better form of money. Our products feel positive, aspirational, and a bit sci-fi.


Zach Herbert

CEO & Head of Product

A mechanical engineer and MBA dropout, Zach discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and grasped its potential as digital gold, a currency for the Internet, and a way to return sovereignty to individuals. Zach previously worked at Nebulous and Obelisk as COO, notably overseeing the design, production, and distribution of 12,000+ ASIC miners representing $26M in revenue.

Ken Carpenter

Head of Software

A versatile software engineer and technical leader, Ken has extensive experience across the entire stack, including firmware, SaaS, mobile apps, web apps, and games. In addition to running his own software company, Ken has worked at notable companies like Schneider Electric, Arista Networks, Electronic Arts, Hudson River Trading, and Obelisk.

Matt Beach

Head of Circuits

With degrees in electrical and circuit engineering, Matt is a one-man electronics powerhouse, capable of designing PCBs and semiconductors. Matt previously worked at Intel on their next-generation PCIe technology. Matt deeply understands the need for open source hardware to serve as a foundation of a sovereign Internet.

Jacob Johnston

Head of Supply Chain

At Obelisk, Jacob built a domestic supply chain and fulfillment operation that manufactured and shipped 12,000+ ASIC miners to 3,000+ worldwide customers. Jacob has also worked at MIT in their entrepreneurial programs, assisted in the launch of the Arkansas’s I-Fund, and worked in multiple roles at Formlabs.


Foundation Devices is backed by investors who believe in sovereignty, privacy, and open source.


  • Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital
  • James McAvity of Cormint
  • Louis Liu of Mimesis Capital
  • Stephen Cole
  • Thomas Pacchia of HODL Capital
  • Tomer Federman of Federman Capital
  • and more


Foundation Devices, Inc.
6 Liberty Square #6018
Boston, MA 02109


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