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Foundation builds Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your digital sovereignty.

We aimed to build a different kind of hardware company with an emphasis on open source and local manufacturing.

This starts with Passport and Envoy – but we are just getting started!

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Best-In-Class Design

A Joy To Use

Passport’s larger screen and familiar menus offer a refreshingly simple user experience. You already know how to use Passport.

The physical keypad offers quick text entry, and QR codes allow for secure, airgapped Bitcoin transactions.

Attention to Detail

Every aspect of Passport is designed to be simple and elegant, starting with its standout industrial design.

Crafted from premium materials, Passport includes a hardened glass display, magnetic rear cover, and copper-plated zinc unibody enclosure.

SmartPhone Centric

Envoy, our mobile wallet, perfectly pairs with Passport for an easy and seamless onboarding experience.

Setup Passport, install the latest firmware, and use a simple and private Bitcoin wallet – no need to even touch your computer.

You Already Know how to use it


Passport’s familiar user interface makes you feel right at home. Navigate through the intuitive menus using satisfying physical buttons.

Passport natively uses PSBTs (partially signed Bitcoin transactions), a universal transaction format, to ensure openness and widespread compatibility.


Envoy is a cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android. Designed to be the perfect mobile companion to your Passport, Envoy guides you through onboarding, security validation, and firmware updates.

Envoy also offers a simple Bitcoin software wallet that provides a zen-like experience. Envoy’s wallet is perfect for new Bitcoiners.

Broad Compatibility

For power users looking to connect Passport with the software wallet of your choice – you’re in luck! Passport is compatible with the most popular software wallets on mobile and desktop, via microSD and QR codes.

New integrations are being rolled out regularly. Let us know if you’d like a Passport integration with your favorite wallet.

Industry Leading Security

Truly Open Source

Foundation believes that the best security is through openness, not secrecy. Passport and Envoy are proudly open source – all software, electrical, and mechanical designs are open and auditable. There is no hidden code.

Passport’s hardware is open sourced via CERN’s Open Hardware License and our firmware via GPL. This means that Passport meets the legal definition of open source hardware.

Likewise, our Envoy mobile app is open source via GPLv3, and incorporates open source components like Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK) and Flutter.

Airgapped Security

Passport has no USB ports or wireless communications. To transact, simply scan a QR code or insert a microSD card. This more robust security model ensures that you know exactly what information is being received by Passport – and makes it significantly more difficult for potential attackers to communicate with the device.

Passport connects with Envoy in seconds using QR codes to transact securely and privately.


Passport uses a secure element chip to protect your keys from physical attacks.

Trustable Entropy

Passport uses an open source true random number generator to generate secure keys.


Ensure your Passport was not tampered with during shipping with our validation process.

With TOR

Envoy can connect to the Internet through Tor, offering maximum privacy.

assembled in the USA

In a Bitcoin world, we need more trustable hardware. We need components from reputable suppliers and tight control over supply chains. We need to be physically present on the factory floor. We need open source, auditable designs. And we need to build our hardware in jurisdictions which stand for basic human rights and freedoms.

This is why Foundation assembles Passport in the USA.